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Changes Coming to Our Senior Pass Rates

Effective Monday, August 21, 2023, the Senior Pass green fee rates will be moving to a dynamic pricing structure. There will be a price range that will fluctuate depending on several factors and the rate could be different each time you play, similar to our General Public and Players Club green fee rates. For reference, Dynamic Pricing is the same rate model that airlines and hotels have used for years, and we are all accustomed to.

In addition, beginning August 21, 2023, the Senior Pass annual fee, for residents of Anaheim, will be $0. Proof of current residency will require a valid driver’s license and a utility bill or car registration with a matching Anaheim address.

For Non-Anaheim Residents the new annual fee will be $65. Again, this new fee will go into effect on August 21, 2023, and cannot be adjusted or prorated if your pass is renewed before this date.